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General Information

Full Name Miaochen Jin
Date of Birth 10th September, 2000
Languages Mandarin, English, Spanish, Japanese


  • 2021 - present
    Harvard University
    • Doctorate Student in the Physics Department
  • 2017-2021
    Bachelor's Degree
    University of Chicago
    • Bachelor of Arts in Physics
    • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
    • Minor in Computer Science

Professional Experience

  • 2022 - present
    Research Assistant
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    • Research assistant working with Carlos Argüelles at the Laboratory of Particle Physics and Cosmology. Research included IceCube analysis, neutrino oscillations, BSM phenomenology and machine learning for neutrino physics.
  • 2020 - 2021
    Research Assistant
    University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
    • Research assistant working with Professor Carlos Wagner on reconciling cosmological and experimental bounds on sterile neutrino mass as well as developing analytical approximation methods of MSW effect in 3+1 model.
  • 2017-2020
    Research Assistant
    James Frank Institute, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
    • Research assistant working with Professor Stuart Rice and Doctor Binhua Lin on simulating mechanical properties of ligand-coated gold nanoparticles in solvent.
  • 2019
    Research Intern
    IBM Research, San Jose, CA
  • 2018
    Research Intern
    Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Argonne National Laboratory, Lemont, IL

Community Involvement and Outreach

  • Boston Area Chinese Young Physicists Seminar
    • Founder of the Boston Area Chinese Young Physicists Seminar
    • Founded and running a weekly seminar for Chinese young physicists in the greater Boston area}}, including researchers and students from Harvard, MIT, Brandeis, Tufts, Boston University, Boston College and Norteastern University. Host regular seminars by the students as well as invited lectures by renowned professors. Our goal is to provide a supportive and collaborative environment for young Chinese physicists in the greater Boston area.
  • Boston/Cambridge Boarding High School Students Spring Camp
    • Mentor at Boston/Cambridge Boarding High School Students Spring Camp
    • Mentored boarding high school students on a spring break camp, this includes teaching high school level classes, AP curriculum, as well as introducing my own research on an appropriate level for aspiring young scientists.

Mentoring Experience

  • 2022 - present
    Mentor of Tong Zhu
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    • Mentor of Tong Zhu, an undergraduate from the University of Science and Technology of China, and a visiting intern associated with the Argüelles-Delgado group. Our project looks at the optimization of IceCube Gen-2 geometry using graph neural networks.
  • 2022 - present
    Polaris Mentor of Nika Imamberdieva
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    • Polaris Program mentor of Nika Imamberdieva, a first year undergraduate of Harvard College. The Polaris Program matches graduate students with undergraduate students to provide general help and advice on physics career, course work, and any other related question the undergraduate students might have.
  • 2022 - present
    Co-mentor of Savanna Coffel
    Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    • Co-Mentor of (with Dr. Ibrahim Safa) Savanna Coffel, a first-year undergraduate associated with the Argüelles-Delgado group.Our project looks at the identification and categorization of double-bang events caused by high energy tau neutrinos in IceCube using machine learning methods

Teaching Experience

  • 2022
    Teaching Fellow
    Department of Physics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
    • Served as teaching fellow to the renowned undergraduate course Mechanics and Special Relativity, very challenging introductory course available to Harvard undergraduates. Includes teaching sections, drafting problem sets and exams, and hosting office hours.
  • 2018 - 2020
    Course Assistant
    Department of Mathematics, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
    • Served as course assistant to first-year and second-year level math courses including Calculus, Introduction to Proofs in Analysis and Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences. Hosted office hours and graded student homework
  • 2020
    Course Grader
    Department of Computer Science, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL
    • Served as a grader to an upper-level computer science course Discrete Mathematics.

Conferences, Workshops and Schools

  • 2022
    IAIFI Summer School and Workshop
    Cambridge, MA
  • 2022
    Neutrino 2022
    Seoul, Korea (Virtual)
    • Presented poster on the idea and performance of an original implementation of Deep Hierarchical Neural Network compatible to tensor processing units for the purpose of accelerating IceCube event reconstruction
  • 2022
    APS April Meeting 2021
    New York, NY
    • Gave a talk on preliminary results on a combined fit of neutrino oscillation parameters with IceCube and SuperK
  • 2021
    AstroDark 2021
    • Presented poster on an analytic approximation method to long baseline neutrino oscillation probability in a model for light sterile neutrinos
  • 2019
    IBM Summer Symposium 2021
    San Jose, CA
    • Gave talk on the results of training a genetic algorithm "Deep Neuro-Evolution" on IBM's first FPGA-powered neural computer
  • 2019
    Chicago Area Undergraduate Research Symposium
    Chicago, IL
    • Presented poster on the effect of solvent on mechanical properties of ligand coated Au nanoparticles
  • 2018
    Summer Argonne Student Symposium
    Lemont, IL
    • Gave talk on benchmarking hyperparameter optimization algorithm on neural networks